Electric Motors Market Not Only Including DC Motors


Nowadays, as a part of Electric Motors, DC Motors are b […]

Nowadays, as a part of Electric Motors, DC Motors are becoming more and more popular in the market.


The best sales of Electric Motors Market focus on Fractional HP Motors and Integral HP Motors (AC Motors, DC Motors).


These years, the industry has lots of technological innovations like

  • Innovation in the Motor Industry Gradually Picking Up Pace
  • Major Innovations in the Motor Industry over the Years
  • Development of Planetary Motor, a Higher Efficiency Electric Motor Model
  • Rotating Drive Train Technology for the Electric Motor
  • Smart Solutions for Electric Motors
  • Q-Sync, A Smart Synchronous, High Efficiency Electric Motor
  • Networking, Sensing and IoT for Motor-Driven Designs
  • Influence of IoT on Electric Motors and Related Technology


The major Electric Motors Product Types in the market contains AC Motor: Induction Motor, Synchronous Motor, DC Motor: Brush DC, Brushless DC.


These high quality motors apply in many fields like Pumps, Fans, Compressor, General Machinery, Centrifugal Machinery, Grinders, Extruders, Others; End Use – Industrial: Oil & Gas, Food & Beverages, Manufacturing, Chemical Treatment Plant, Others (Pulp & Papers), Residential, Commercial, Automotive & Transportation and so on.