How DC Motor Works


A simple project to show how a DC motor works using eas […]

A simple project to show how a DC motor works using easily available materials. This project demonstrates both the working principle of permanent magnet and the electro magnet.

Materials Needed

- Round permanent Magnet
- Enameled Copper Wire
- Battery Holder
- Plastic stand or a small wooden plank
- Metal clamps (to hold copper wire)
- Few bolt and nuts (to fix the metal clamp with the plastic stand)

Making Electro Magnet

Take the enameled copper wire and use a small container or a half inch pipe to wind the copper wire firmly
Remove the coiled copper wire and keep both ends of the copper wire open - about 4-5 cm
Give 2 turns of the wire at both end around the coil. This will stop unwinding of the coiled copper wire
Make the copper wire straight (as shown in the photo)
Remove the enamel coating from both ends (you can use any sharp object to remove the enamel coating)

Fixing the Metal Bracket

Fix the metal brackets - leave enough space between the bracket to keep the permanent magnet
The space between two brackets should be slightly less than the total length of the coiled copper wire (end to end)

Fix the Battery, Copper Coil and Permanent Magnet

Now place the copper coil (enamel coating removed from both ends) between both metal brackets
Keep the permanent magnet beneath the copper coil
Connect two 1.5 v batteries to the metal holder (positive and negative)
Once power is provided from the batteries, copper coil becomes electro magnet
Now permanent magnet's north or south will oppose electro magnet's north and south
Due to the above, it experiences a force which converts it into rotational energy.