How To Clock A Winch Motor


You may find your winch doesn;t quite fit where you tho […]

You may find your winch doesn;t quite fit where you thought it would or that some component on your winch is in an inconvenient location.

The fix?

Clock your winch motor.

To start, you want to remove the winch motor's flange bolts. Usually, there are 4, and you can see them at the base of the motor.

Next, remove the 2 long bolts that hold the motor's end cap in place. You can't spin the motor without removing these.

Next, slide the motor out. You only have to move it out about 1/4" or so, enough to clear some parts.

Then, rotate the motor. Most motors will rotate in increments of 90 degrees, based on the bolt pattern.

Slide the motor back in. It should be fairly easy. If you have to force it, jimmy it back and forth a little while pushing in.

Now you can reinstall the long motor cap bolts. You shouldn't tighten these completely until you have the flange bolts installed.

So, next install the flange bolts.

Tighten everything down and you're done!