The Latest Type Of DC Motor - EC motors


In the regular motor market, engineers can choose betwe […]

In the regular motor market, engineers can choose between direct-current or alternating-current motors at the motor applications.


It is reported that the latest types of motors to enter the fray are EC motors, which help control the energy output and achieve higher energy efficiency.


EC motors are DC brushless motors that are controlled by external electronic circuit board. This provides greater control and higher efficiency. Power distribution is much cleaner with an EC motor ehile it can achieve energy-efficiency regulations.


EC motors can connect directly to AC main power supply with their integrated electronics. They do not completely depend on voltage or frequency; hence, small changes in voltage do not affect motor output.


AC motors are available at multiple speeds with an optional external speed controller. EC motors have multiple speed controls as a standard option.


EC motors can be found in lower power output applications, such as small fans, servomotors, and motion-control systems.


As for its benefits, since EC motors have no brushes, they do not spark or have a short life due to brushes. Then, they do not waste power because the electronics control the stator; they provide better performance and controllability, and they run cooler than induction motors. In terms of size, small motors can achieve the same output as traditional AC or DC motors. Furthermore, the smaller motor saves space, and when the manufacturer uses an external rotor rather than a shaft motor, even more space savings are possible.