Checking The Outside Of Electric Motor


Here you can learn more about how to check the outside […]

Here you can learn more about how to check the outside of the electric motor. If the motor has any of the following issues on the outside, they may be problems that can shorten the life of the motor because of previous overloading, wrong application, or both. Look for:


Broken mounting holes or feet
Darkened paint in the middle of the motor (indicating excessive heat)
Evidence of dirt and other foreign matter having been pulled into the motor windings through openings in the housing


Check the nameplate on the motor. The nameplate is a metal or other durable tag or label that is riveted or otherwise affixed to the outside of motor housing called the '"stator" or "frame". Important information about the motor is on the label; without it, it will be difficult to determine its suitability to a task. Typical information found on most motors include (but not limited to):


Manufacturer's Name — the name of the company the made the motor
Model and Serial Number — information that identifies your particular motor
RPM — the number of revolutions the rotor makes in one minute
Horsepower — how much work it can perform
Wiring diagram — how to connect for different voltages, speeds and direction of rotation
Voltage — voltage and phase requirements
Current — amperage requirements
Frame Style — physical dimensions and mounting pattern
Type — describes if frame is open, drip proof, total enclosed fan cooled, etc.