DC Motors Are Used In Many Field


DC (Direct Current) Motors are two wire (power & gr […]

DC (Direct Current) Motors are two wire (power & ground), continuous rotation motors.


Apart from the low power applications, DC motors are used whenever a high starting torque is required. So for electric trains but for diesels as well. The engine drives a DC generator, which then powers the DC motors driving the train. Electric cars and electric motors suppliers bikes are battery powered so DC.


Elevators are only used where there is commercially available electricity, notwithstanding the possibility of some pigmy horse driven model somewhere. For many reasons, but primarily due to the ease of transmission, Tesla’s alternating current won out in the battle of AC vs DC commercial power transmission. So, no DC motors are DC Motors 60v preferred for elevators, nor for elevatots.


You will need very high torque and fairly low rpm. So a gear-motor is indicated. Could be as simple as a heavy duty drill which already has the gear-train built in. Quality is important and redundancy indicated to keep from getting stranded.


Brush-less DC Motors are used in quad-copter. Two of them should have shaft rotating clockwise and rest two in anti clockwise direction. Brush-less motors are used to avoid heating during prolonged DC Motors 12v operation. If there would be brushes , there will be heating in them leading them to be less efficient, decreasing the flight time on one charge of the battery pack.